Postal address:
Department of Psychology, Royal Holloway, University of London, Egham Hill, Egham, Surrey
Phone: +44 1784 443590

Who are we?

The Perception, Action and Decision Making (PAD) group undertakes cutting-edge research into how the human brain supports cognition, perception and action, and how these key abilities may be affected in neurological and psychiatric disorders. We bring together researchers with expertise in a range of tools and approaches, including functional/structural brain imaging, psychophysics, human electrophysiology, virtual reality, eye tracking, and computational modelling. 

What we do

The PAD group has many research labs and active projects. Browse their individual sites to find out about their specific areas of research, opportunities to collaborate, and more.

Dr Szonya Durant- Perceptual space and time

Dr Scott Glover - The neurobiology of motor imagery and action

Dr Stephen Hammett - Speed and motion perception

Dr Carl Hodgetts - Memory, space and events

Dr Jonas Larsson - Visual cortical mapping

Prof Narender Ramnani - The neural underpinnings of learning and decision-making

Dr Nura Sidarus - Metacognition and decision-making 

Dr Petra Vetter - Top-down influences on early vision

Prof Robin Walker - How the brain controls eye movements

Prof John Wann - The neural aspects of perception for action

Prof Johannes Zanker - Human visual information processing

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