Dr Szonya Durant

Research interests

My research in Visual Perception covers three main areas:
1. How a population of neurons codes for the overall percepts of orientation and direction of motion
* The link between individual neuron response and the final population response responsible for the percept,
* How orientation and motion information is coded in neuronal spike trains.
* The role of local and global motion in optic flow from forward motion in natural scenes.
2. The mechanisms involved and the role of adaptation in neurons
* The dynamics of adaptation of single units as part of a population code,
* How the coding of the stimulus attributes of contrast and orientation depend upon spatial and temporal context,
* A functional explanation of adaptation in the visual cortex.
3. The interaction between separate visual aspects of the scene
* How separate visual modalities might be combined to form the complete percept,
* The implications of the relative time course of neural response for the final visual percept,
* The problem of local sign – i.e. how position can be signalled by a population of neurons,
* The possible role of feedback connections in conscious awareness.

ID: 13057