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    Remaking the World's Largest Coal Market: The Quest to Develop Large Coal-Power Bases in China

    Rui, H., Morse, R. K. & He, G., 2010, PESD, Stanford University: STANFORD UNIVERSITY, p. 1-55, 55 p. (Working Paper, #98, December 2010.).

    Research output: Working paper

  3. Published

    Report from the Conventional Beams Working Group to the Physics beyond Colliider Study and to the European Strategy for Particle Physics

    D'Alessandro, G. L., Gatignon, L., Doble, N., Brugger, M., Montbarbon, E., Bernhard, J., Rosenthal, M. S., van Dijk, M. & Gerbershagen, A., 12 Dec 2018, CERN Reports (ISSN 2519-8076).

    Research output: Working paper

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  7. Published

    Rough paths in idealized financial markets

    Vovk, V., 3 May 2010.

    Research output: Working paper

  8. Unpublished

    Routes into Mapping: the Historical Cartography of Northern Rhodesia

    Haines, E., 28 Aug 2013, (Unpublished).

    Research output: Working paper

  9. Published

    SARBAC: A New Model for Role-Based Administration

    Crampton, J. & Loizou, G., 2002.

    Research output: Working paper

  10. Unpublished

    Security consideration for virtualization

    Gebhardt, C. & Tomlinson, A., 2008, (Unpublished).

    Research output: Working paper

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  12. Published

    Skill Formation of Electronics Engineers: Comparing the Learning Behaviour of British and Japanese Engineers

    Thurley, K. & Lam, A., 1990, STICERD, London School of Economics and Political Science, 16 p. (Comparative Industrial Relations; no. CIR/90/211).

    Research output: Working paper

  13. Published

    Skills Underutilisation and Shortages of Qualified Labour in Britain

    Lam, A. & Marsden, D., 1993, CEP, London Schooll of Economics, (Centre for Economic Performance Working Paper, No. 432).

    Research output: Working paper

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  15. Published

    Social Networking Sites and Graduate Recruitment: Sharing Online Activities?

    Teng, Y. & Córdoba-Pachón, J-R., 1 Mar 2010, The School of Management, Royal Holloway University of London, 25 p.

    Research output: Working paper

  16. Published

    Some mathematical refinements concerning error minimization in the genetic code

    Buhrman, H., T. S. van der Gulik, P., M. Kelk, S., M. Koolen, W. & Stougie, L., 8 Sep 2009.

    Research output: Working paper

  17. In preparation

    Space Bounds for Reliable Multi-Writer Data Store: Inherent Cost of Read/Write Primitives

    Chockler, G., Dobre, D., Shraer, A. & Spiegelman, A., 2015, (In preparation).

    Research output: Working paper

  18. Published

    Strategies of complementary and alternative medicine practitioners to achieve occupational closure within healthcare in Portugal

    Almeida, J., 28 Nov 2013, ISA RC52 ‘Professional Groups’ Interim Conference .

    Research output: Working paper

  19. Published

    Strong confidence intervals for autoregression

    Vovk, V., 4 Jul 2007.

    Research output: Working paper

  20. Published

    Structural complexity of conflict of interest policies

    Crampton, J. & Loizou, G., 2000.

    Research output: Working paper

  21. Published

    Superefficiency from the Vantage Point of Computability

    Vovk, V., 16 Aug 2008.

    Research output: Working paper

  22. Published
  23. Published

    Supermodular Functions and the Complexity of MAX CSP

    Cohen, D., Cooper, M., Jeavons, P. & Krokhin, A., 1 Jan 2004.

    Research output: Working paper

  24. Published
  25. Published

    Switching between Hidden Markov Models using Fixed Share

    M. Koolen, W. & van Erven, T., 26 Aug 2010.

    Research output: Working paper

  26. Published

    Syscalls Obfuscation for Preventing Mimicry and Impossible Paths Execution Attacks

    Bruschi, D., Cavallaro, L. & Lanzi, A., 2006, Dipartimento di Informatica e Comunicazione, Università degli Studi di Milano.

    Research output: Working paper

  27. Published

    Tacit knowledge problem in multinational corporations: Japanese and US offshore knowledge incubators

    Lam, A., 21 Oct 2008, Egham, Surrey: School of Management, Royal Holloway University of London, (School of Management Working Papers).

    Research output: Working paper

  28. Published

    Tacit knowledge, organisational learning and societal institutions: a societal perspective

    Lam, A., 1998, DRUID Danish Research Unit for Industrial Dynamics, (DRUID Working Paper; no. No. 98-22).

    Research output: Working paper

  29. Published

    Tele-nursing: the English and Swedish Cases

    Chris Smith, Raffaella Valssechi, Monica Andersson Bäck and Per Sederblad, Valsecchi, R., Andersson Bäck, M. & Sederblad, P., 2012, (School of Management, Royal Holloway University of London Working Paper Series SoMWP–1203).

    Research output: Working paper

  30. Published

    Temporary derailment or the end of the line? Unemployed managers at 50 (SoMWP–0903)

    Gabriel, Y., Gray, D. E. & Goregaokar, H., Apr 2009, The School of Management, Royal Holloway University of London.

    Research output: Working paper

  31. Published

    Test martingales, Bayes factors, and p-values

    Shafer, G., Shen, A., Vereshchagin, N. & Vovk, V., 21 Dec 2009.

    Research output: Working paper

  32. Published

    Testing Exchangeability On-line

    Vovk, V., Nouretdinov, I. & Gammerman, A., Feb 2003, (On-line Compression Modelling project).

    Research output: Working paper

  33. Published

    Text Mining and Social Media: When Quantitative Meets Qualitative, and Software Meets Humans

    Ampofo, L., Collister, S., O'Loughlin, B. & Chadwick, A., 7 Oct 2013, New Political Communication Unit, 66 p. (New Political Communication Unit Working Papers).

    Research output: Working paper

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  35. Published
  36. Published

    The comparative analysis of political programs. Large-N analyses with data from international organizations

    Jakobi, A., 2007, (TranState Working Papers. Bremen: The Collaborative Research Center ‘Transformation of the State’; vol. 69/2007).

    Research output: Working paper

  37. Unpublished

    The Condorcet Jur(ies) Theorem

    Ahn, D. & Oliveros, S., 2011, (Unpublished).

    Research output: Working paper

  38. Published

    The Cross-border Diffusion of Employment Practices in MNCs: Case Study Evidence

    Rees, C., Edwards, T. & Coller, X., 1999, Kingston-upon-Thames: Kingston Business School, (KBS Occasional Paper; no. 33).

    Research output: Working paper

  39. Published

    The Development of Electronics Engineers: A Japanese/UK Comparison: A Preliminary Report

    Thurley, K., Lam, A. & Lorriman, J., 1988.

    Research output: Working paper

  40. Published

    The diffusion of HRM practices in East Asia: Chinese workers in multinational retail firms from Japan

    Gamble, J., Jul 2008, Egham: Royal Holloway School of Management, (School of Management Research Paper Series).

    Research output: Working paper

  41. Published

    The Economic Botany Collection at Kew: analysis of accessions data

    Cornish, C., Driver, F. & Nesbitt, M., 2017, Royal Holloway, 63 p.

    Research output: Working paper

  42. Published

    The Effects of Risk Preferences in Mixed-Strategy Equilibria of 2*2 Games

    Engelmann, D. & Steiner, J., 19 Sep 2006, Egham.

    Research output: Working paper

  43. Published
  44. In preparation

    The Emergence of “The New Accounting History”

    Bertalan, N-I. & Napier, C., 2013, (In preparation) 29 p.

    Research output: Working paper

  45. Published
  46. Published

    The existence of predictive complexity and the Legendre transformation

    Kalnichkan, Y. & Vovk, V., Mar 2000.

    Research output: Working paper

  47. Published

    The expressive power of valued constraints: hierarchies and collapses

    Cohen, D. A., Jeavons, P. G. & Zivný, S., 1 Apr 2007.

    Research output: Working paper

  48. Published

    The False Consensus Effect: Deconstruction and Reconstruction of an Anomaly

    Engelmann, D. & Strobel, M., 10 Oct 2004, Egham.

    Research output: Working paper

  49. Published

    The Game-Theoretic Capital Asset Pricing Model

    Vovk, V. & Shafer, G., 1 Nov 2001.

    Research output: Working paper

  50. Published

    The generality of the zero-one laws

    Takemura, A., Vovk, V. & Shafer, G., 26 Mar 2008.

    Research output: Working paper

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