Professor Andreas Chatzidakis

Personal profile

Andreas Chatzidakis received his PhD from Nottingham Business School in 2007, focusing on consumer accounts and justifications for not supporting the Fair Trade movement. Since then he has been more broadly interested on the intersection of consumption with ethics and politics, working on projects such as consumer-oriented activism in post 2008 Athens and the role of care and relationality in everyday consumption. His work also explores identity-based and spatial politics in contemporary consumer culture, drawing on disciplines such as human geography and psychoanalysis. He is co-editor of Marketing Theory, senior editor of CITY, and member of the editorial board of Journal of Macromarketing and the newly formed Journal of Consumer Ethics. He has co-edited a book entitled Ethics and Morality in Consumption: Interdisciplinary Perspectives (with Prof Deirdre Shaw and Dr Michal Carrington) and just finished co-authoring a book entitled Contemporary Issues in Marketing (with Prof Liz Parsons and Prof Pauline Maclaran). He is currently co-organising an ESRC sponsored seminar series on Consumer Ethics: Interdisciplinary Perspectives. 

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