Gender and Crisis in Global Politics: Introduction

Laura Sjoberg, Heidi Hudson, Cynthia Weber

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The “Gender and Crisis in Global Politics” theme of this Special Issue represents the first special issue of the International Feminist Journal of Politics (IFjP) that came from one of the journal’s conferences. For our readers who are unaware of the IFjP conferences, I would like to start this introduction by telling you a little about that project. When Heidi Hudson, Cynthia Enloe and I proposed in 2010 to start editing the journal in 2011, we proposed that the journal begin to host annual conferences. We made that proposal because, with many of the former Editors and Editorial Board members of IFjP, see the journal as engaging a global community of scholars interested in politics from a feminist perspective. We hoped that hosting conferences would grow the IFjP community, numerically, substantively, and representationally. It was with that hope that we hosted the 1st Annual IFjP Conference in the summer of 2012, hosted by Heidi Hudson, at the University of the Free State, in Bloemfontein South Africa, around the theme “Leaving the Camp: Gender Analysis Across Real and Perceived Divides. The Bloemfontein conference was followed by the Second Annual Conference at the University of Sussex in the United Kingdom, around the theme “(Im)possibly Queer International Feminisms” in 2013, The “Gender and Crisis in Global Politics” theme comes from the 2014 conference, hosted by Laura Sjoberg at the University of Southern California, in Los Angeles, California. Many of the articles in this special issue were presented at that conference, and all were submitted to the journal in response to our post-conference Special Issue Call for Papers.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)529-535
Number of pages7
JournalInternational Feminist Journal of Politics
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 13 Nov 2015


  • gender
  • crisis
  • global politics

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