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  1. Synthesis and structure of new thermoelectric oxide crystals

    Goff, J.

    International Scientific Interchange Scheme : £79,520


    Project: Research

  2. The Regulation of Isoprenoid Metabolism in Solanaceae Crop Plants

    Bramley, P.

    Scottish Crop Research Institute: £30,000


    Project: Research

  3. OPMD: Translational studies towards physiological and genetic therapy for Oculopharyngeal Muscular Dystrophy (OPMD)

    Dickson, G.

    Association Francais contre les Myopathies: £35,505


    Project: Research

  4. Understanding the pathobiology of Clostridium difficile a human and animal pathogen

    Cutting, S.

    Veterinary Laboratories Agency: £57,080


    Project: Research

  5. AHOB3: Ancient Human Occupation of Britain 3. Dispersals of Early Humans: Adaptations, frontiers and new territories

    Schreve, D., Candy, I., Pla Pueyo, S., Stringer, C., Ashton, N., Currant, A., Higham, T., Lewis, S., Parfitt, S., Penkman, K. & Preece, R.

    1/10/09 → …

    Project: Research

  6. vSEED: The virtual seed (vSEED): Combined mathematical, engineering and post-genomics comparative biology to model the systems biology of seed dormancy, after-ripening and germination

    Holdsworth, M., Leubner, G., Bentsink, L., Knox, P., King, J., Wood, A. & Everitt, N.

    ERA-NET Plant Genomics (European Union): £1,378,000


    Project: Research

  7. Optimising predictions for Higgs/BSM searches at the LHC

    Kauer, N.

    Unknown: £4,000


    Project: Research

  8. Continental Extension and break-up at the Australia-Antartica Margins

    Perez-Gussinye, M.

    Royal Society: £1,990


    Project: Research

  9. Megastudy of English Lexical Decision

    Rastle, K.

    University of Ghent: £18,798, University of Ghent: £2,108


    Project: Research

  10. Intra-and inter-specific competition and the evolution of cooperation in Bacillus thuringiensis

    Raymond, B.

    Natural Envt Research Council (NERC): £307,631


    Project: Research

  11. The Transnational Governance of Violence and Crime

    Jakobi, A. & Wolf, K. D.


    Project: Research

  12. University of London Central Research Fund

    Nield, S.


    Project: Research

  13. A study of Vulcano, Aeolian Islands, Italy; eruption cyclicity

    Menzies, M.

    University of London Central Research Fund: £2,640


    Project: Research

  14. NHS Commissioning Practice and Health System Governance

    Sheaff, R., Mannion, R., Byng, R., Exworthy, M., Llewelyn, S., Mahon, A., Chambers, N. & Cousins, P.


    Project: Research

  15. Joint meeting of the Korean and American Mathematical Society

    Dietmann, R.

    Royal Society: £1,200


    Project: Research

  16. Branding Television

    Johnson, C.

    Arts & Humanities Res Coun AHRC: £34,543


    Project: Research

  17. British-Italian Partnership Programme 2009-10

    Devoto, A.

    British Council: £3,000


    Project: Research

  18. Creative Compass/ Whose Map is it?

    Hawkins, H.

    1/01/10 → …

    Project: Research

  19. Goethe and Greek Love

    Wilson, W. D.

    Arts & Humanities Res Coun AHRC: £45,312


    Project: Research

  20. Industrial funded studentship

    Müller, W.

    Resonetics LLC USA: £14,300


    Project: Research

  21. Music the Palestinians and the Missions of the west

    Beckles Willson, R.

    Arts & Humanities Res Coun AHRC: £35,463


    Project: Research

  22. Neogen: Neogene Uplift of the Barents Sea

    Gudmundsson, A.


    Project: Consultancy

  23. Research/Evaluation of critical care paramedic/paramedic practitioner programmes

    Jashapara, A.

    Economic & Social Res Coun ESRC: £93,940


    Project: Research

  24. Role of leaf chemistry in horse chestnut resistance to an invasive leaf miner Cameraria ohridella

    Koricheva, J.

    Centre for Ecology and Evolution: £4,810


    Project: Research

  25. To conduct an independent assessment of the international platform on sport and development

    Woodcock, A.

    Swiss Academy for Development: £6,049


    Project: Research

  26. The Faerie Queene Now

    Warren-Heys, R.


    Project: Other

  27. Planetary Rifting

    Hier-Majumder, S. & Montesi, L.


    Project: Research

  28. Theatre, Education and Performance: The map and story.

    Nicholson, H.

    Arts & Humanities Res Coun AHRC: £36,451


    Project: Research

  29. Developing methods for high-precision measurement of shear-wave splitting

    Haacke, R.

    Eng & Phys Sci Res Council EPSRC: £53,808


    Project: Research

  30. Conference- Music and the moving Image V

    Brown, J.

    British Academy: £400


    Project: Research

  31. A study of Longitudinal beam profile measurements at CTF3 using coherent diffraction radiation

    Karataev, P.

    University of London Central Research Fund: £4,139


    Project: Research

  32. Development of novel method for prediction of plant Pol 11 promoters

    Solovyev, V.

    Royal Society: £3,000


    Project: Research

  33. Eye Say: Investigating language production processes in typical and atypical development

    Norbury, C.

    Economic & Social Res Coun ESRC: £328,497


    Project: Research

  34. Byzantine Autographs

    Wright, C. & Taylor, P.

    1/02/10 → …

    Project: Research

  35. An Evaluation of the experience of minimum wages in an economic downturn

    Dolton, P.

    Low Pay Commission: £18,500


    Project: Research

  36. BUFVC search: Consolidating moving image and sound database framework

    Ellis, J. & Barber, S.

    Arts & Humanities Res Coun AHRC: £332,520


    Project: Research

  37. Cryptography: Bridging theory and practice

    Paterson, K.

    Eng & Phys Sci Res Council EPSRC: £1,244,947


    Project: Research

  38. Global Development the role of trans local elites in Afro Eurasia

    Halperin, S. & Khan, Y.

    Leverhulme Trust: £228,277


    Project: Research

  39. Measuring the Burn Temperature of Pompeiian Wood Fuel Charcoals

    Scott, A. C.

    British Academy: £6,200


    Project: Research

  40. RFID Attack Detector Prototype Development

    Mayes, K. & Hancke, G.

    PARK : £50,000


    Project: Other

  41. Tephrochronology in Patagonia, NERC grant

    Blockley, S.

    Natural Envt Research Council (NERC): £8,000


    Project: Research

  42. The Gothic: The Monster in Art and its Different Manifestations

    Lee Six, A.

    British Academy: £7,000


    Project: Research

  43. Caffaro, Genoa and the Crusades

    Phillips, J.

    1/03/10 → …

    Project: Research

  44. Suffolk Manorial Document Register Project

    Saul, N.

    Aurelius: £5,000

    4/03/10 → …

    Project: Research

  45. Private persona in public spaces

    Coles-Kemp, L.

    Economic & Social Res Coun ESRC: £2,000


    Project: Research

  46. Cognitive section of 20 year long term follow up study

    Langdon, D.

    Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals: £166,389


    Project: Research

  47. Meganuclease-Enhance Genome Correction Therapy for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

    Dickson, G.

    Association Francais contre les Myopathies: £35,514, Association Francais contre les Myopathies: £30,508, Association Francais contre les Myopathies: £36,741, Association Francais contre les Myopathies: £15,260, Association Francais contre les Myopathies: £11,647


    Project: Research

  48. Pyrogeography – evolution and diversification of fire on Earth

    Bowman, D. M. J. S. & Scott, A. C.


    Project: Research

  49. Rockaby in the Dark

    Apospori, S.


    Project: Research

  50. Suffolk Manorial Document Register Project

    Saul, N.

    Suffolk County Council: £4,500


    Project: Research

  51. Suffolk Manorial Document Register Project

    Saul, N.

    Suffolk Local History Council: £500


    Project: Research

  52. The Effect of Education on Marital outcomes

    Anderberg, D.

    Nuffield Foundation: £5,599


    Project: Research

  53. The Faerie Queene Now: remaking religious poetry for todays world

    Fernie, E. & Shapcott, J.

    Arts & Humanities Res Coun AHRC: £49,113


    Project: Research

  54. DFG Le720/6-3: Molecular physiology of endosperm-limited seed germination - Gene function and regulation in the micropylar endosperm

    Leubner, G.

    DFG - Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (German Research Foundation): £364,750


    Project: Research

  55. Living with uninvited guests-comparing palnt and animal responses to endocytic invasions

    Jansen , V. A. A., Gammerman, A. & Soloviev, M.

    Biotechnology&BioSci Research BBSRC: £704,348


    Project: Research

  56. Statistical Techniques in Algebraic Cryptanalysis

    Cid, C.

    Royal Society: £11,500


    Project: Research

  57. Talent Management in the NHS Managerial Workforce

    Exworthy, M.

    National Institute for Health Research: £18,298


    Project: Research

  58. Intelligent Agent Technology for Service Grids - II

    Stathis, K. & Dean, J.

    Unknown: £15,000


    Project: Research

  59. Key studies on evaluation of the therapeutic values of quasi-dystrophins

    Foster, K.

    Association Monégasque Contre les Myopathies: £53,462


    Project: Research

  60. A new method for dating brittle deformation: U-Pb dating of carbonate fibres

    Müller, W.

    Natural Envt Research Council (NERC): £63,265


    Project: Research

  61. Analysis of chromatin remodelling during drought and hormone treatment

    Devoto, A.

    Royal Society: £11,700


    Project: Research

  62. DFID Systematic Review of multi-stakeholder partnerships in ICT4D

    Unwin, T. & Kleine, D.

    Department for International Development: £34,850


    Project: Research

  63. El Sistema: music as social action in Venezuela

    Baker, G.

    British Academy: £110,038


    Project: Research

  64. Inference and modelling of regulatory networks in multicellular systems

    Devoto, A.

    Biotechnology&BioSci Research BBSRC: £19,000


    Project: Research

  65. Kufra Basin Project

    Le Heron, D.

    Cambridge Arctic Shelf Programme: £25,011


    Project: Research

  66. Making and Unmaking text across performance practices and theories

    Cremin, R.

    Arts & Humanities Res Coun AHRC: £1,055


    Project: Research

  67. Origin and early ecology of angiosperms: insights from extant and fossil wood

    Falcon-Lang, H.

    Centre for Ecology and Evolution: £1,850


    Project: Research

  68. Quantum Phase Transitions and Quantum Criticality in Helium Films

    Saunders, J., Casey, A., Nyeki, J., Lusher, C., Cowan, B., Yager, B., Kent, K. & Arnold, F.

    Eng & Phys Sci Res Council EPSRC: £1,125,863


    Project: Research

  69. Raman spectral imaging for automated Mohs micrographic surgery of high-risk basal cell carcinoma

    Koloydenko, A.

    National Institute for Health Research: £23,453


    Project: Research

  70. Sardine and anchovy in the Celtic Sea

    Shaw, P.

    European Union: £32,000


    Project: Research

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