Political economy of Chinese investment in Southeast Asia: Crisis and responses

  • Zheng, Yu (Researcher)
  • Lafaye de Micheaux , Elsa (PI)
  • Chen, Gang (CoPI)

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Have Chinese investments entered a new era in Southeast Asia in the context of the multiple crises of the present and as the slowdown of the Chinese economy is confirmed in 2023? The project aims to conduct systematic, detailed and contextualized observation of the forms, negotiation methods and local effects of Chinese investment in Southeast Asia. From a theoretical standpoint, these researchers have adopted a political economy approach, giving
pride of place to the study of the diversity of capitalisms, conflictuality and political compromises between players, as well as international relations.
They also intend to strengthen analysis of the dimensions of work (informal, salaried, migrant, etc.), and environmental issues, which are today at the heart of the concerns of companies and territories receiving Chinese investment.
Short titlePolitical economy of Chinese investment in Southeast Asia
Effective start/end date1/01/2431/12/25