Dr Veronique Boisvert

Educational background

I obtained my BSc in Physics at Universite de Montreal in 1995. I did my PhD at Cornell University working on the CLEO detector, performing a precise measurement of the CKM element Vub. I was awarded a CERN fellowship in 2002 and worked on both ATLAS and RD50 at that time. I was then awarded a Marshak Fellowship at the University of Rochester to work on the CDF detector on top quark physics. I joined RHUL as a lecturer in 2007.

Personal profile

I was invited to participate in the 2011 Royal Holloway, University of London Women in Research Lecture Series.

Research interests

My research is in Particle Physics, working on the ATLAS detector, located at CERN. I specialize on top quark physics. The top quark is the most massive particle discovered so far and as such it has a special relationship with the electroweak symmetry breaking mechanism, whether this is the Higgs mechanism or something else. I am interested in the rich topology of the top quarks and in particular I am an expert in electron and muon identification.

I am also involved in the ATLAS upgrade, which is likely to happen after 10 years of LHC running. At that point we will replace the trigger in its entirety and I am interested in studying whether it will be possible to trigger on electrons and muons using tracking information at the lowest level of trigger, in hardware.

Finally, I am involved in the AIDA collaboration, related with providing a DAQ system appropriate for a future linear collider.


I lecture PH2130, the 2nd year Math courses for physicists. I am also a tutor and I supervise BSc and MSci final year projects. I am also the 2nd year Lab coordinator.

My administrative duties include being Senior Tutor, chair of the Curriculum Development Group, being the Research and Resources Committee secretary, being the Outreach Coordinator and being the chair of the Women in Physics group.

ID: 9305