Tracey Berry

Tracey Berry


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Personal profile

Personal profile

Leadership Roles


2020- ATLAS Collaboration D&I Contact

2020 - CERN Users Committee UK Representative


2022 - IoP Women In Physics Group Treasurer

2020 - Particle Physics Advisory Panel (PPAP)

2020- Particle Physics Users Advisory Committee (PPUAC)

2020 - IoP HEPP Group Secretary

2011-2017 IoP Project Juno Assessment Panel


2020 - Academic Board Member

2020- EDI Governance Member


2021- Director of External Engagement for School of Engineering, Physical and Mathematical Sciences (EPMS)

2020 - EPMS EDI Committee Member


2007-2017, 2022- Director of EDI, Physics Department    

2007-2010, 2021-22 Director of External Engagement / Outreach


Personal profile

I am searching for evidence of new physics in data observed using the ATLAS detector. This detector is positioned at one of the four proton-proton collision points of the the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland. I am particularly interested in searching in the high mass dielectron (ee), dimuon (μμ) and diphoton (γγ) events. Many beyond the Standard Model theories predict new high mass particles, such as Z' bosons (→ee, μμ) or Gravitons (→ee, μμ, γγ) which could decay into these channels.

Personal profile

Graduated in physics from St Edmund Hall, University of Oxford in 1999 (MPhys). D. Phil in Particle Physics from Oxford, St. Edmund Hall 2002. PPARC Post doctoral research Fellow in Particle Physics, from 2002 till 2005 searching for evidence of new physics on the Collider Detector at Fermilab (CDF) at University of Liverpool. Lecturer at Royal Holloway University of London, Particle Physics ATLAS Group.

As well as physics, I'm interested in sports, gardening and general fun outdoors pursuits!


I (am)....

  • Course leader for a second year mathematics and third year Particle Physics course. 
  • Tutor to ~ 8 UG per year and personal tutor
  • Previously, demonstrated for first year laboratories.
  • Supervise third and fourth year project students, who are interested in searching for evidence of new physics using the ATLAS detector.
  • Supervise PhD students.
  • Supervise summer students, who are interested in searching for evidence of new physics using the ATLAS detector.

I am deputy admission tutor for RHUL physics department.

Education/Academic qualification

Particle Physics, PhD, Search for new physics in two muon events using the Collider Detector at Fermilab, Oxford University

Sept 1999Oct 2002

Award Date: 2 Oct 2022