Dr Stephen Gibson

Research interests

Stephen Gibson leads the Accelerator Group at Royal Holloway, as the Deputy Director of the John Adams Institute for Accelerator Science. He is a Reader in Accelerator Physics at Royal Holloway, with a background in Experimental Particle Physics and detector instrumentation, especially optical systems.

His research in the JAI focuses mainly on the development of advanced instrumentation to determine properties of intense hadron beams. His group collaborates with CERN Beam Instrumentation to develop Electro-Optic Beam Position Monitors for the High Luminosity LHC. His team built the transverse laserwire emittance scanner for the hydrogen ion beam of the new Linac4 at CERN and is currently implementing a novel laserwire at the Front End Test Stand at RAL. He studies beam-induced backgrounds that reach the ATLAS experiment.

Prior to joining Royal Holloway in 2013, Stephen was a CERN Marie-Curie Fellow, where he studied the electron performance of ATLAS, electroweak physics, and radiation damage of the Pixel Detector. He was based at CERN between 2007 - 2012 for the exciting first run of the Large Hadron Collider, culminating in the discovery of the Higgs boson. He worked for over 10 years on the design and construction of the ATLAS experiment, first as a PPARC Fellow, then PDRA in Oxford, and later a CERN-Marie-Curie COFUND Fellow. He earned his D.Phil in Experimental Particle Physics from St. John's College, Oxford, in 2004 having graduated in MSci Physics from the University of Bristol in 2000. His interest was sparked by a summer student placement at CERN in 1999.


Stephen is an experienced Physics tutor, having taught Oxford Undergraduates in the Physics Department, and at Worcester College and the Queen's College. At Royal Holloway, he currently tutors all first and second years courses, and specialises in Optics, delivering the second year lecture course and laboratory. He also lectures at the CERN Accelerator Schools.

Stephen is the co-Admissions Tutor in Physics and an award winning Outreach Coordinator. He and Dr. Andrew Casey are often spotted at local schools, Open Days and Science Festivals, typically amid exploding bins of ping-pong balls.

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