Dr Saloni Krishnan

Research interests

For more about my research, please see my lab's website using the link below.

The Neuroscience of Communication Development Lab: www.ncodelab.com

Personal profile

I am a developmental cognitive neuroscientist investigating how language is organised in the developing brain. I am interested in brain organisation in typical and atypical development.

I initially qualified as a speech and language therapist in India, and then completed an MSc in Cognitive Neuroscience in London (joint program, UCL & Birkbeck). I then pursued a PhD at the Centre for Brain and Cognitive Development at Birkbeck. After receiving my PhD in 2014, I held postdoctoral positions at UCL and Oxford. At Oxford, I was the postdoctoral lead for the BOLD (Brain Organisation in Language Development) study, a large-scale neuroimaging study to understand how the brains of those with developmental language disorder differ from those who are developing typically.

I moved to Royal Holloway in May 2019 as a lecturer and researcher in the Psychology Department. My current research objective is to understand how motivation and reward influence language learning, using behavioural and MRI techniques. I recently received a Springboard grant from the Academy of Medical Sciences to pursue this line of research.


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