Dr José-Rodrigo Córdoba-Pachón

Research interests

I am passionate and dedicated person with a long standing interest and research track record in applied systems thinking to complex situations that often involve information and communications technologies (ICTs). 


My first degree is in computer science and systems engineering from Universidad de los Andes in Colombia.  Prior to my studies in the UK and becoming an academic I worked as a software developer and project analyst in the Colombian financial sector.  I also co-owned and helped to run a family business with my two brothers for a number of years.  


Also, I am the co-founder of the Technology and Governance Network (TGN), a small interdisciplinary and international group that seeks to help people advance their emancipation through ICTs.  


Currently I am involved in pursuing the following ideas: 


  • Enhancing systems views on creativity for management research and education.
  • Exploring complexity of relationships between between mental health, employability and the use of job search engines.
  • Evaluating the provision of digital services in post-conflict areas in Colombia. 


Email: j.r.cordoba-pachon@rhul.ac.uk 

Twitter: @jrcordobap

Personal blog http://systemsthinkingandit.blogspot.co.uk/

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