Miss Heidi Maiberg

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My academic interests are:

- Disengagement and desistance programmes and methods

- Far-right and Islamists extremist groups

- Role of religion in the process of deradicalisation and disengagement

Currently, I hold MA of religious studies from the University of Tartu. In my thesis, I created an overview of methods and topics of conversations used to support deradicalisation and disengagement of Islamists. Overview was created based of practises held in Sweden, Finland, the UK, Germany, Austria, and the Netherlands. In my academical work, I would like to find most effective deradicalisation and disengagement supporting methods created for Islamists and members of far-right groups.

Previously, I have worked in third and public sector organisations, including at the Ministry of the Interior during Estonia's Presidency of the EU Council.

ID: 34704385