Dr Giulia Achilli

Personal profile

Giulia Achilli, PhD, is Lecturer in Accounting at Royal Holloway University of London. Her research is interdisciplinary, combining accounting, organization studies, and sociology with approaches from the arts and philosophy. Her own interests stem from an interdisciplinary background in accounting (BSc, MSc, Ph.D.) and the theatre (drama studies and work experience as an actress). She relies on qualitative methods (i.e., field study methodologies and archival historical research) and seeks to contribute to the understanding of accounting and accountability practices within their social, historical and organising contexts. She is developing a research programme focussed on unpacking the relationship between accounting, accountability and the self, which she conceives as the total being of an individual, with its physicality, inner character and emotional life. In her research, she argues that arts-inspired research approaches can illuminate the emotional and affective dimension of accounting practices as they help delving into the felt experience of the individual, beyond cognitive and calculative approaches. 



ID: 31021086