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Giulia Achilli, PhD, is Lecturer in Accounting at Royal Holloway University of London. She has earned a PhD degree in Management at LUISS University in Rome, Italy, in July 2019. Her research is interdisciplinary in nature, combining accounting, organization studies and sociology with approaches from fine arts and philosophy. Her own interests stem from an interdisciplinary background in accounting (BA, Msc, Ph.D.) and the theatre (drama studies and work experience as an actress). She relies primarily on qualitative methods (i.e. field study methodologies and archival historical research) and seeks to contribute to the understanding of accounting and accountability practices within their social, historical and organising contexts. She is developing a research programme that focusses on unpacking the relationship between accounting, accountability and the individual emotional self. In this regard, the arts and philosophy enable to shed light into the emotional dimension of accounting and accountability practices as they help delving into the emotional sphere pertaining to the individual, moving beyond rationalistic approaches and purely deductive reasoning. She is also developing a secondary research stream focussed on how integrated thinking and reporting are practiced within contemporary organizations in response to global social and environmental challenges.


Papers under review:

G. Achilli, C. Busco, E. Giovannoni, & F. Granà, ‘Accounting and the Baroque: exploring the craft of visual accounts through arts’ under review for Critical Perspectives on Accounting - 3*ABS.


F. Granà, C. Busco, E. Giovannoni & G. Achilli ‘Back to the future: re-flecting time through performance measurement systems' to be submitted to Accounting, Organization and Society - 4*ABS by September 2021.


Research projects

In 2020, Giulia has been involved in an interdisciplinary research project titled "Equality, diversity and inclusion through performing arts and culture organizations: management, history and arts’ perspectives”. This pilot project, internally funded by the College, aimed at forming an interdisciplinary research cluster linking academics and non academics interested in exploring mechanisms for sustaining equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) through arts, heritage and cultural organizations (e.g. libraries, museums, archives, opera houses, theatres, music academies). 

In 2018 Giulia has been research associate for a project on the adoption of the European Directive 2014/95/EU on non-financial information by the Italian banking sector. The project was promoted by ABI, the Association of the Italian Banks together with GRI (Global Reporting Initiative).


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