Professor Gerhard Leubner

  1. Mechanisms of Celery Seed Morphological Dormancy, Longevity and Quality

    Leubner, G. & Gawthrop, F.

    Biotechnology&BioSci Research BBSRC: £108,501


    Project: Research

  2. RHE Consultancy Seed-Microbe Interaction for Azotic Technologies

    Leubner, G.


    Project: ConsultancyTransfer (R&D project)

  3. Imbibitional Seed Ingression Project with Gd

    Leubner, G.

    Azotic Technologies : £28,748


    Project: Research

  4. Rocket Science with RHS

    Leubner, G.

    20/05/16 → …

    Project: Research

  5. Chemical manipulation and mechanisms of weed seed persistence, dormancy release and germination

    Leubner, G. & Stock, D.

    Weed Control Research Biology, Syngenta, Jealott’s Hill International Research Centre: £120,000, Biotechnology&BioSci Research BBSRC: £378,123


    Project: Research

  6. Innovation Voucher Allium

    Leubner, G.

    Innovate UK: £5,000


    Project: Research

  7. Endosperm weakening of wheat grains

    Steinbrecher, T. & Leubner, G.

    Buehler AG: £62,500


    Project: Research

  8. Early Germination of Sugar Beet

    Leubner, G. & Ignatz, M.

    KWS Saat AG: £220,694


    Project: Research

  9. Analysis of Bran Penetration by Proteins

    Leubner, G. & Steinbrecher, T.

    Buehler AG: £10,200


    Project: Research

  10. RHE Consultancy Service Sugarbeet Seed Quality and Technology for KWS SAAT AG

    Leubner, G.

    1/04/13 → …

    Project: ConsultancyTransfer (Scientific Services)

  11. DFG Le720/6-3: Molecular physiology of endosperm-limited seed germination - Gene function and regulation in the micropylar endosperm

    Leubner, G.

    DFG - Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (German Research Foundation): £364,750


    Project: Research

  12. vSEED: The virtual seed (vSEED): Combined mathematical, engineering and post-genomics comparative biology to model the systems biology of seed dormancy, after-ripening and germination

    Holdsworth, M., Leubner, G., Bentsink, L., Knox, P., King, J., Wood, A. & Everitt, N.

    ERA-NET Plant Genomics (European Union): £1,378,000


    Project: Research