The virtual seed (vSEED): Combined mathematical, engineering and post-genomics comparative biology to model the systems biology of seed dormancy, after-ripening and germination

  • Holdsworth, Mike (PI)
  • Leubner, Gerhard (CoI)
  • Bentsink, Leonie (CoI)
  • Knox, Paul (CoI)
  • King, John (CoI)
  • Wood, Andy (CoI)
  • Everitt, Nicola (CoI)

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The aim of the vSEED project is to provide a dynamic mathematical description of seed dormancy, after-ripening and germination focussing on the key seed compartments the radicle and endosperm. This interdisciplinary project will analyse the comparative biology of the closely related Brassicaceae species Arabidopsis thaliana and Lepidium sativum, using engineering, imaging, modelling and post-genomics approaches to develop a virtual germinating seed. We propose that germination is an ideal exemplary subject for the integration of new technologies and for developing molecular plant biomechanics in conjunction with dynamic mathematical modelling.
Effective start/end date1/10/0930/09/12


  • ERA-NET Plant Genomics (European Union): £1,378,000.00