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New book, Dictionary of Coronavirus Culture, to be released in October.


  • Honarary Senior Lecturer at University of St. Andrews, Scotland (2013-16)
  • Visiting Senior Lecturer in the Politics of Consumption and Docent in Företagsekonomi at Stockholm University, Sweden (2014-17)
  • Lecturer at the University of Exeter (2005-2008)
  • Associate Editor for the Journal of Macromarketing 
  • Associate Editor for the Journal of Marketing Management 
  • Member of the Editorial Review Board of the International Journal of Arts Marketing 
  • Member of the Editorial Review Board of Marketing Theory
  • Member of the Editorial Review Board of Consumption, Markets & Culture
  • Member of the Editorial Board for the Journal of Promotional Communication
  • Co-Convener of the Marxism in Culture Seminar Series held at the Institute of Historical Research, University of London
  • Member of the Macromarketing Policy Board
  • Member of the Association for Consumer Research
  • Fellow of the Academy for Higher Education
  • Inventor of guacarroz - a delicious meal that blends raw vegetables with rice


Listen to the Quarantined Market Podcast here:

Faculti Media overview (2014) of Journal of Marketing Management paper on 'Bringing with us the plague': Consumer Research as Machinery of Zoomorphism, 2014. (

Talk at Keele University Seminar on 'Value Co-creation Between Industry and Critical Academia During Interesting Times: Opportunities and/or Injunctions', as part of the seminar series 'Doing and Theorising Marketing Work', 2011. (



Bradshaw, Alan & Scott, Linda. 2018. Advertising Revolution: The Story of a Song From Beatles Hit to Nike Slogan. London: Repeater Books. 

Also published in Spanish as Publicidad Y Revolucion by Melusina and Italian as Revolution by Luisa University Press.   


Bradshaw, Alan & Hietanen, Joel (2020). Dictionary of Coronavirus Culture. Repeater, London. 

Bradshaw, Alan, Laamanen, Mikko & Reppel, Alex (2014). Proceedings of the 39th Annual Conference of the Macromarketing Society. see

Bradshaw, Alan (2013). Qualitative Methods, Part II: Symbolic Consumer Behaviour or Consumption Symbolism. In Series: Legends of Marketing: Morris Holbrook, Vol 15, London: Sage, forthcoming.

Bradshaw, Alan, Hackley, Chris & Maclaran (2012). Proceedings of the European Association for Consumer Research. Vol 7. ACR.

Bradshaw, Alan & Shankar, Avi (2011). The Production and Consumption of Music. London: Routledge.


Edited Ephemera: Theory & Politics of Organisation special issue on the Politics of Consumption with Stephen Dunne and Norah Campbell. The issue can be freely accessed here:

I have also edited, together with Avi Shankar, the ‘Production and Consumption of Music’ special issue of Consumption, Markets & Culture (Volume 11, issue 4) and also with Pierre McDonagh and Dave Marshall, the ‘Finding an Irish Voice’ special issue of the Irish Marketing Review (Volume 20, issue 2).


Bradshaw, Alan & Tadajewski, Mark (2011). The Ideology of Exporting Marketing Education – A Commentary. Journal of Macromarketing, Vol 31 (3): 312-321.

Bradshaw, Alan (2009). Commentary - Morris Holbrook’s jazz and film series: an appreciation, Marketing Theory, Vol 9(3):369-372.

Bradshaw, Alan, McDonagh, Pierre, & Marshall, Dave (2006). Response to art versus commerce as a macromarketing theme, Journal of Macromarketing. Vol 26 (1): 81-83.


* Awarded Emerald Citation of Excellence Award

Hietanen, Joel & Bradshaw, Alan (2021). Dystopia and Quarantined Markets: an Interview with James Fitchett. Consumption, Markets & Culture. Forthcoming. 

Charitsis, Vassilis, Zwick, Detlev & Bradshaw Alan (2018). Creating Worlds that Create Audiences: Theorising Personal Data Markets in the Age of Communicative Capitalism. Triple C: Communication, Capitalism & Critique. Vol 16(2). 

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Bradshaw, Alan (2018). Foregrounding Management in Class Warfare From Above. Historical Materialism. Vol 26(2):231-242. 

Hietanen, Joel, Andéhn, Mikael Andéhn & Bradshaw, Alan (2017). Against the Implicit Politics of Service-Dominant Logic. Marketing Theory. Vol 18(1):101-119.

Zwick, Detlev & Bradshaw, Alan (2016). Biopolitical Marketing and Social Media Brand Communities. Theory, Culture & Society. Vol. 33(5): 91-115. 

Large, William & Bradshaw, Alan (2016). Know it while you have it: The ontological condition of a cancelled advertisement. Journal of the British Society for Phenomenology. Vol. 47(1):72-86. 

Bradshaw, Alan & Chatzidakis, Andreas (2016). The skins we live In. Marketing Theory. Vol 16(3):347-360.

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Chatzidakis, Andreas, Maclaran, Pauline & Bradshaw, Alan (2012) Heterotopian Space and the Utopics of Ethical and Green Consumption. Journal of Marketing Management, Vol 28 (March): 494-515. (Note, this article is reissued in the book New Directions in Critical Marketing Studies, edited by Mark Tadajewski and Robert Cluely). 

Bradshaw, Alan & Dholakia, Nik (2011). Outsider’s insights: (mis)understanding A. Fuat Firat on consumption, markets and culture. Consumption, Markets & Culture, Vol 15 (March): 117-131.

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Bradshaw, Alan & Brownlie, Douglas (2009). Audiography: a portrait of Morris Holbrook, Marketing Theory, Vol 9(3):373-4. (note this is 40 minute downloadable radio documentary with a two page intro).

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Kilbourne, William, Dorsch, Michael, McDonagh, Pierre, Urien, Bertrand, Prothero, Andrea, Grünhagen, Marko, Polonsky, Michael Jay, Marshall, David Foley, Janice and Bradshaw, Alan (2009) The institutional foundations of materialism in western societies: a conceptualization and empirical test, Journal of Macromarketing, Vol. 29(3):259-278.

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Bradshaw, Alan, Holbrook, Morris, (2007). Remembering Chet: Theorising the mythology of the self-destructive artist as self-producer and self-consumer. Marketing Theory. Vol. 7 (2):115-136. (note this article is being re-issued in the Legends of Marketing series published by Sage and edited by Jagdish Sheth)

* Bradshaw, Alan, McDonagh, Pierre & Marshall, Dave (2006). No space - new blood and the production of brand culture colonies. Journal of Marketing Management. Vol., 22 (5): 579-599.

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Bradshaw, Alan, Brownlie, Douglas, Bradshaw, Harry (2008) An audio portrait of Morris Holbrook, downloadable from the Marketing Theory website.

Bradshaw, Alan, McDonagh, Pierre, Marshall, Dave, Bradshaw, Harry (2005). 'Exiled music herself, pushed to the edge of existence' the experience of musicians who perform background music. Radiography in Consumption, Markets and Culture (edited by Belk, Russell & Kozinets, Robert), Vol 8 (3). 

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