Where is My Honey? Personal Development/Leadership/Strategy/Motivation, Received 4 and 5 stars review on Amazon, 2015.

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Where is My Honey? is an Simple Tale about Achieving our Goals and Ambitions by Adapting our Circumstances in Life. It is not just a story about bees and honey; it is an opportunity to reflect on your capacities. Our goals and ambitions change all the time and we need to change with the time. If we are not adaptable to the changes we face along our life journey, we may become extinct like dinosaurs. We come to cross roads in our lives all the time. We need to adapt and determine to be comfortable with the road we take. If we are not adaptable to the changes we will sit on the cross roads without going anywhere. Remember, Success in Life comes with, Determination, Adaptation and the Changes you decided to make it. While reading this little but powerful story of a simple bee I invite you to reflect in your professional and personal life. Think where you are in your life? Are you achieving your goals and ambitions? Where would you like to be in five, ten or even fifteen years? Are you ready for your future? "This book is unique, in the sense that it is simple to understand but holds a powerful message. I highly recommend this book if anyone wants a simple insight into leadership and motivation. Read this book" Crystal Ho, KPMG, Honk Kong "This accessible and thought-provoking story reminds us of the links between the values of teamwork, hard-work and leadership. I found it both inspiring and beneficial, and shall be using it to convey its positive message to others" Dr Chris Bonnici, University of Malta The quality and yet simple words in use are a testament to the author's intelligent thinking, the easy read of the book cuts across all age groups. The message is simple and clear; 'the limit to what we can achieve is in our mind' Thank you Ailson for the encouragement within this rich book" Hannah Fredrick, UK
Original languageEnglish
ISBN (Print)978-1496930576
Publication statusPublished - 15 Feb 2015


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  • strategy

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