The Poetry of Céline Arnauld: From Dada to Ultra-Modern

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The poet Céline Arnauld (1927-1952) was at the heart of Paris Dada. Her experimental texts appeared in the most prominent avant-garde journals and she published almost a dozen books. Yet Arnauld predicted as early as 1924 that she would be written out of history and, having found herself isolated, took her own life in 1952. Her story is one of an individual with an elusive identity – she was a Jewish émigrée, born Carolina Goldstein in Romania – who left behind a body of work rich in innovation. In this study, Ruth Hemus conveys the pleasure of discovering this neglected figure and her inventive writing. Charting one woman’s navigation of the avant-garde over a thirty-year period (1918-1948), she sets out a quest for an autonomous poetry that Arnauld herself called ‘ultra-modern.’
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ISBN (Print)978-1-781888-31-5 , 978-1-781888-32-2
Publication statusPublished - 28 Sept 2020

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  • Celine Arnauld
  • Dada

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