Compilations Case Studies on Strategic Management

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The goal in preparing this compilation of case studies in strategic management is to provide students with the opportunity to comprehend and analyse the field of strategy broadly.
The field of strategy teaches that strategy is the way how company managers decide to achieve long-term objectives. Strategy answers the question “How do companies’ best accomplish their goals?” Strategy is therefore about decisions and actions that will contribute to business success. But where do the good, new strategic ideas come from? The answer is that good business ideas can come from anyone in the organization, and managers should be prepared to understand and accept this fact. Exceptional companies such as the ones provided in this case studies book demonstrated they want all their employees to be engaged in searching for, and implementing, innovative ways to improve the business. The main purpose of these case studies is to provide some resources for all future managers (students) to assist them in learning and contributing to the formulation of strategy for those companies they might get involved with in the future.

Strategy development involves three principal questions:

• Where is the business today?
• Where does the business should go?
• How is the business going to get there?
By reading and analysing the case studies here presented, students will be able to demonstrated highly understand in the field of strategic management.
Students will feel comfortable with cases about Apple, Siemens, JetBlue, Ford, Google, IBM, Bank of America, UPS and GE! They will also have the opportunity to learn about global aspects of strategic management by studying international companies in the global scenario.
Students will get to examine numerous industry situations through this..... 16-set case selection including the personal computer, car, retailing, pharmaceutical, social media, banking, and global products and services industries. There are also several opportunities to incorporate the Internet's evolution and the strategic implications within several industries and implications facing specific companies.
We hope that you will find this compilation of cases in strategic management interesting and useful for your studies in strategy. We welcome your ideas and recommendations about the cases chosen to be in this compilation. Please feel free to contact us if you have any suggestion.

Ailson De Moraes
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PublisherMcGraw Hill
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Publication statusPublished - 30 Jun 2012

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