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Text Me is an interactive storytelling project which will explore the multitude of stories hidden in our phone memories.

Layman's description

Text Me is an animated documentary and interactive storytelling project, which will explore the multitude of stories hidden in our phone memories. Memories both good and bad are often triggered by a text message or an email hidden in our mobile phones. Our phones have become portable personal archives that hold stories, secrets and clues about who we are. Text Me is about the story behind the message. I want to bring to life these stories in a book, an animated documentary and interactive storytelling project.

Text Me is a:

A book/eBook –Illustrated Memoir – which brings to life three years of text messages from my own vintage Nokia. This book is currently represented by Curtis Brown.

An Animated Documentary - either as a series of webisodes or/and as a 1 x 60”.

Collaborative Digital Stories - Collecting text messages and creating a dialogue about our digital secrets

A Legacy Project – A permanent online collection of text messages, micro movies and animated docs.

Text Me has had 25K of development funding, from the Channel 4 Digital Innovation fund, The London Centre for Arts and Cultural Exchange and Creativeworks London. This has enabled me to develop the concept, technology and marketing strategies. These awards also funded the first stage of our audience engagement strategy, with a storytelling project in which over a hundred Royal Holloway, London University filmmaking students produced micro shorts inspired by a digital secret stored in their mobile phones.

Text Me recently won The 2014 Pixel Lab Prize. It also won The Merging Media Prize for Best European Cross platform Project, at Power to the Pixel and was featured recently in Wired magazine
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