Research England (2021/22) Project: Reconsidering Global Citizenship and Business Education, QR SPF

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QR Strategic Priorities Fund (QR SPF)

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21st-century business educators/schools are increasingly faced with complex demands. On the one hand, they are expected to respond to neoliberal agenda and the marketisation demands and, on the other hand, they are influenced by powerful debate on the impact of technology, globalisation, sustainability and the need to develop skilled and culturally sensitive globalised workforce.
Given the policy aspirations (UNESCO, 2017; UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development), the purpose of the study is to reconsider global citizenship education, especially in the context of post-1992 business schools to explore and identify a practical way of equipping learners with the ‘global business mindset’.
Effective start/end date12/12/2112/06/22