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Eleanor Alderman


Personal profile

Research interests

My current research interests involve understanding how visual perception influences episodic memory – the recollection of personal past events. My PhD research explores how our eye movements and direction of visual attention within naturalistic environments affects the accuracy and detail of our memory for both real-world scenes and episodic experiences.

By integrating eye tracking, virtual reality, and functional neuroimaging approaches, I aim to understand how visual exploration across a variety of everyday scenes influences memory formation and retrieval processes, with the aim of finding ways to improve memory by guiding visual attention within real-world spaces.


I am currently a Teaching Associate in the department of Psychology at Royal Holloway, University of London. I work as a lab tutor on the second year undergraduate course 'Psychological Research Methods and Analysis (PS2010)'.

Educational background

Psychology (BSc). First Class Honours. Royal Holloway, University of London.

Clinical Psychology (MSc). Distinction. Royal Holloway, University of London.


Graduate member of the British Psychological Society (MBPsS)