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Research interests

My research focuses on applications of Machine Learning and statistical inference techniques to cosmology and beyond.

I combine these techniques into pipelines for the extraction of cosmological information from cutting-edge astronomical data. In particular, I focus on constraints on the “Dark Universe” from weak gravitational lensing data, as measured by optical galaxy surveys like ESA’s Euclid satellite mission, for which I lead the 3x2pt Work Package in the Weak Lensing Science Working Group. 

I am the creator of COSMOPOWER, a Machine Learning framework for accelerated statistical inference with neural emulators.

I also like to apply advanced Machine Learning and statistical inference to interesting problems beyond cosmology and astrophysics — such as in seismology, to study earthquakes from their recorded seismic traces.

Check out my publications here.

Education/Academic qualification

Physics & Astronomy, Ph.D., Heidelberg University

Oct 2015Oct 2018


  • Astrophysics
  • Cosmology
  • Machine learning
  • Statistics