Dr Zena Kamash

Zena Kamash

Dr Zena Kamash

Senior Lecturer. Roman Art & Archaeology

Phone: +44 1784 443114

Personal profile

I am a Roman archaeologist who specializes in the Roman Middle East and Roman Britain. I have wide-ranging interests that include ancient technologies, memory, food, sensory understandings of the past and religion. Most recently, I have become particularly interested in how we present archaeology to the public, in museums and beyond, and how we interact with the past in the modern world, with a focus on post-conflict reconstruction in the Middle East. I have explored this in museum-based public engagement projects, such as ‘Remembering the Romans in the Middle East and North Africa’, which explored new ways of connecting with the past through creative writing, drawing and photography.

My teaching is strongly influenced by my research, so I offer specialized courses on, for example, ‘The Archaeology of the Roman Near East’ (Undergraduate and Masters) and ‘Who Owns the Roman Past?’ (Masters) with the latter focusing specifically on the ethics and politics of Roman archaeology.

I am a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries.

ID: 19762598