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Personal profile

Xiaoyu Zhang is a first-year Ph.D. student in power system group, Department of Electronic Engineering, where he is working to design an advanced smart meter which can implement hybrid trade-off algorithm between sharing (utility) and hiding (privacy) to accommodate both legitimate objectives sharing and hiding, in a fair manner. Xiaoyu’s research interests include smart grid privacy protection, power system stability analysis, and renewable energy microgrid modelling.

Before landing in Royal Holloway, Xiaoyu studied at University of Birmingham, where he is awarded Msc with Distinction in Electrical Power System. He also has several internship experiences in State Grid Ltd, China, Datang International Generation Ltd, China, etc.

Xiaoyu’s study is funded by the Leverhulme Trust, The Michael St John Candy Scholarship, and Royal Holloway, University of London.

Educational background

2016-2017: MSc with Distinction, Electrical Power System, Univeristy of Birmingham, UK

2012-2016: BSc (Hons), North China Electric Power University, Beijing, China

Research interests

PhD project Title:Smart meters: Developing new designs to improve privacy and freedom of choice

Project detail: Under the background that 80% of residence in UK will install smart meter by 2020, the concern about personal privacy information would be revealed by smart meter is raising. On the contrary, the smart meters in current market have a poor performance in protecting personal information, and there is no EU-level legislation that expressly addresses privacy issues related to implementation of smart metering systems. Hence, it is critical to proposed viable technology to make the smart meter more reliable.

This  requires  interdisciplinary  research  looking  at  sociotechnical  aspects  of  smart  meters  design,  implementation  and  use.  In  summary  the  PhD work will  examine  the motivation and requirements for smart meters from a power system perspective and provide a systematic analysis of the design space for 'smart metering', takig into account privacy concerns. The PhD thesis will present technically  and  economically  sound  smart  metering  options,  that  provide  the  capabilities  the  electricity  network  and  user require, without compromising user privacy.

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