Dr Susan O'Leary

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My research interests primarily relate to the use of accounting and accountability practices within non-governmental organisations (NGOs). I am particularly interested in the monitoring, evaluation and impact assessment tools used within NGOs, and how they are used to derive outcomes as diverse as accountability to financial donors to the fulfilment of social development obligations at a grassroots level. On a broader level, I am also interested in a range of theoretical perspectives that highlight accounting and accountability as a pluralistic and dialogic practice. My research employs a critical and interdisciplinary style with an emphasis on case-based, qualitative and at times, ethnographic research methods.

Member of the Centre for Research in Sustainability (CRIS) and the Critical and Historical Perspectives research group.

Interested in supervising PhDs that use qualitative methods in topics such as (but not limited to): NGO accountability, performance and impact assessment within NGOs, the role of accounting in poverty alleviation, sustainability and development issues, and dialogic and pluralistic accounting practices.

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