Dr Gwilym Eades

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BSc (University of Victoria), AdvTech (College of New Caledonia), MA (Carleton), PhD (McGill)

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My research is embodied in 4 books: Maps and Memes: Redrawing Culture, Place, and Identity in Indigenous Communities (McGill-Queen's University Press, Native and Northern Series), The Geography of Names: Indigenous to Post-Foundational , which uses a Kripkean and evolutionary framework to examine geographical naming practices through time; Contrapuntal Cartographies: Dialectics of Counter-Mapping (happily, again, with McGill-Queen's University Press); and I am second author on a fourth (forthcoming) book,  Mapping, part of the Routledge Key Ideas series (i.e. not an edited volume)


Research overview:

I explore the idea of counter-mapping in the northern highlands of Scotland, including participation and ethnographic exploration of the NorthCoast500 route, a Northern Highlands Initiative. This includes exploration of modification of heritage through the construction of commemorative tourist routes in Scotland and Canada.

I am also interested in philosophy of language and dialectics of counter-mapping through examination of place-names and place-based discursive and spatial constructions. I am interested in philosophy in geography through the analysis of geographical thinkers’ spatiality in the production of counter-narratives of space; and in evolutionary structures of toponymies, place-naming practices, rituals, and intergenerational aspects of place, space, and language.

My work has additional scope for exploring transnational/transatlantic hierarchies and parallels in counter-mapping and the production of (cartographic and non-cartographic) contrapuntal imagery; musical metaphors and antecedents for the exploration of ideas of north in the work of Glenn Gould, and as applied to counter-mapping and new ways of thinking about space; and the place of cosmopolitan Scotland and Canada in new world orders of global anti-globalist nationalism.

New metaphors of counter-mapping and the contrapuntal for use in teaching geographic information systems are critically engaged and implemented in ideas of multiplicity in various local and global senses of ‘geoweb’. The latter is imbricated in new network thinking, actor-network, assemblage, and viral metaphors for visualising and mapping space; and in thinking with Darwin, Lefebvre, Soja, Olsson, Kripke, Wittgenstein, Heidegger, Jameson, Adorno, Gould, and Scott on spaces contrapuntal.

A new research direction is also taking me into realms of the "Speculative Arts of the Anthropocene: World-making, Mapping, and Practice" a look at how speculative fiction's philosophies and post-colonial sensibiliities hold special resonance in the Anthropocene (in development); this in addition to an ongoing investigation into Scotland-as-counter-map: "Scotland Protests: Critical Cartographies and Counter-mappings".


Research (funded):

The NorthCoast500 as counter-map: Scottish trans-national identities post-Brexit



GG5401 MSc PSD GIS Seminar

GG3090 Critical GIS and the Geoweb

GG2001 GIS analysis

GG1015 Digital Geographies


Publication highlights: 


Eades, G. (in progress). SF, Trauma, and Indigeneity.

Eades, G. (in progress). Through Light and Dark: Contrapuntal Cartographies of the NorthCoast500.

Eades, G. and Kent, A. (in review).  Language, Politics, and Counter-Mapping. 

Thorndycraft, V.; Cripps, J.; and Eades, G.  2016.  Digital landscapes of deglaciation: Identifying Late Quaternary outburst floods using LIDAR.  Earth Surface Processes and Landforms.

Eades, G. and Zheng, Yingqin.  2014.  Counter-mapping as assemblage: reconfiguring Indigeneity.  IFIP Working Group 8.2 Information Systems and Organisation

Eades, G.  2013.  Toponymic Constraints in WemindjiThe Canadian Geographer, 58(2)

Eades, G.  2012.  Cree EthnogeographyHuman Geography, 5(3)

Eades, G.  2012.  Determining Environmental DeterminismProgress in Human Geography, 36(3)

Eades, G.  2010.  An Apollonian Appreciation of Google EarthGeoforum, 41


Administrative roles:

-Director, Geospatial and Visual Methods Lab (GVML)

-Lab and Field Committee (LFCM)


Learned Societies/Editorships

-Associate Editor, The Cartographic Journal 

-Fellow, Royal Geographical Society

-Fellow, Higher Education Academy

-Member, Society for Name Studies in Britain and Ireland

-Member, British Science Fiction Association

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