Dhalgren as handbook for mapping an activist hyperobject

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This paper uses Dhalgren to construct a set of headings for the construction and instruction of speculative activist practices. Each heading is a meditation on the application of an aspect of Delany’s most well-known work, one whose radical power has, however, come to be forgotten since the 1980s. This presentation examines how a ‘hyperobject’ for application to contemporary problems around subjectivity, race and inequality is constructed out of the primary text, focusing on: spaces (and mangles of spacetimes); countermapping hegemonies (Necker Cube); non-conformism/anti-Oedipalism; postcolonial hybridity/indigeneity; equality and justice; anarchism (anti-propertarian libertarianism); cognitive estrangement; poetic practice; and the novum-assemblage.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 11 Sept 2021

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