Dr Grégoire Ithier

Personal profile

Department of Physics

Office: Wilson Building W059

Homepage: http://personal.rhul.ac.uk/uqap/119/index.html

Research interests

Quantum engineering, Decoherence, Thermalization, Mesoscopic physics, Random Matrix Theory.

Theory of Quantum Decoherence and Thermalization

  • Dynamical typicality and self-averaging of reduced density matrices
  • Unconventional stationary states and unconventional partition functions
  • Typical out of equilibrium dynamics of strongly interacting quantum systems
  • Information propagation and entanglement in large quantum systems
  • Applications in condensed matter (DOS, LDOS)

Mathematical and Numerical tools for the dynamics of large quantum systems:

  • Generalized central limit theorems and measure concentration
  • Random Matrices (Haar invariant, Wigner, Two Body Random Interactions)
  • Averages and correlations of Green functions
  • Applications to the eigenvectors and eigenvalues statistics
  • Numerics: exact diagonalization

Quantum engineering (experimental)

  •  Superconducting circuits: quantum bits, Josephson Bifurcation Amplifiers and Cavity Bifurcation Amplifiers.
  • Noise spectral analysis in superconducting circuits
  • Nano-superfluidic cavities coupled to microwave resonators
  • Microwave engineering at cryogenic temperatures



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