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My research focuses on the intersections between Latin literature, ancient philosophy and gender studies. I also have a strong interest in classical reception. 

  • My core research is on Seneca the younger and his approach to Stoicism and the family. As a result, I'm interested in his works in general and the social history that provides the context for understanding them, as well as the way that he reshapes Stoicism for Roman culture.
  • In the broader field of Latin literature, I'm interested in innovative approaches to familiar texts, particularly from a feminist perspective or from an angle that incorporates social history and the family.
  • One half of my classical reception interests focused on classics in popular culture, with a particular interest in film and children's literature.
  • The other half is interested in the history of women and classics, in particular how women became professional academic classicists in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries

My current book project explores the way that contemporary popular culture imagines and uses classical monsters, and will be published by Bloomsbury Academic in 2019.

If you’re thinking about potential PhD study, I’m interested in supervising work looking at Seneca, the Roman Stoics, and other topics related to my research interests.

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