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I was previously a Senior Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Liverpool and completed my DPhil in 2011 at the University of Oxford on F.W.J. Schelling's theory of language and its theological implications. In 2014-6, I undertook a 2-year fellowship at the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster, funded by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, where I worked on late eighteenth-century philosophy, and in 2017-18 I will be a EURIAS Fellow at ENS Lyon, researching Franco-German intellectual exchange in the 1830s, particularly the controversy between Schelling and Victor Cousin.

Research interests

My research can be split into history of philosophy—particularly German Idealism, its origins and aftermath—and continental philosophy of religion. In regard to the former, following the publication of Schelling's Theory of Symbolic Language: Forming the System of Identity by Oxford University Press in 2013, my research has tended to focus on Schellingian Naturphilosophie, as well as further investigations into his philosophy of language. With Benjamin Berger, I have a book of translations and commentaries coming out in 2018 with Edinburgh University Press, entitled, The Schelling-Eschenmayer Controversy, 1801: Nature and Identity, as well as The Schelling Readerwith Bloomsbury in 2019. I have also been working concertedly on a monograph on the philosophy of François Hemsterhuis, the late eighteenth-century Dutch thinker who was so influential on Jacobi, Novalis, the Schlegel brothers etc. It is concerned specifically with the turn to dialogue and myth in Hemsterhuis' later work and is provisionally entitled, 'Hemsterhuis and the Writing of Philosophy'.

In regard to continental philosophy of religion, I am currently developing an elaboration of the conceptual peculiarities of the secular, especially the roles of abstraction, indifference and utopia therein. I am particularly interested in cashing out how these operations are represented imaginatively in modern literature (Hölderlin, Mann, Cendrars, Flaubert etc). I have also been working closely with Daniel J. Hill at the University of Liverpool on a series of AHRC projects to consider the relation between philosophy of religion and social issues, particularly legal cases concerning the uses of religious symbols. This resulted in a 2013 monograph published by Palgrave, The Right to Wear Religious Symbols, as well as some more recent research on religious harm that is in the pipeline. I have also recently edited The Edinburgh Critical History of Nineteenth-Century Theology due out in November 2017.

For more of a sense of my research, see further the various project and publication websites listed below:

(a)    Publications: https://royalholloway.academia.edu/DanielWhistler

(b)   The Cousin-Schelling Controversy (EURIAS Fellowship, 2017-18): http://www.2018-2019.eurias-fp.eu/fellows/daniel-whistler

(c)    UK Schelling Research Group (British Academy Project, 2016 -17): http://schelling.org.uk/

(d)   Hemsterhuis and the Writing of Philosophy (Humboldt Fellowship, 2014-6): https://www.liverpool.ac.uk/humanities-and-social-sciences/research/expertise/archive/daniel-whistler/

(e)    Philosophy and Religious Practices (AHRC Project, 2012-14): https://philosophyreligion.wordpress.com/

(f)    Philosophy of Religion and Religious Communities (AHRC Project, 2012): http://www.ahrc.ac.uk/documents/project-reports-and-reviews/connected-communities/philosophy-of-religion-and-religious-communities/

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