Professor Amina Memon

Other work

Prof Memon heads up the Royal Holloway Eyewitness Group (RHEG), which conducts research looking at ways to improve our understanding of the role of eyewitness evidence and decision making within the Criminal Justice System.

Research interests



Prof Memon has established an excellent reputation for herself through her dedication to research in the applied cognition domain. She conducts high quality research which has ecological validity and engages in knowledge transfer activities in public and voluntary sector organisations.   Prof Memon is internationally recognised for her work and her findings have had a considerable impact in the field. Her studies of cognitive techniques in investigations since the 1990s have highlighted the importance of training in interviewing skills in evidence gathering.  She has devoted time and energy both to the development and dissemination of training to practitioners and this is one of the reasons why her research continues to attract external research funds. She has enriched her work by drawing upon theories from social psychology and social cognition.  Prof Memon has worked with different participant groups including children, adults, seniors, police officers and judges. Professor Memon has research collaborators in Brazil, Germany, the Netherlands, North America and Finland. Current projects including work on memory and decision-making, detection of deception, and credibility assessment. Prof Memon has received numerous awards to support her research and has over 100 publications. She has been contributing to professional development and training since 1995.  She is a Fellow of the British Psychological Society, the Association for Psychological Science and the Royal Society of Arts.  Her contributions to the voluntary sector include serving as a trustee for the Centre for the Study of Emotion and the Law, her work on the communication strategy board for Women’s Health and Family Services, on the project advisory board for Asylum Aid and on the Research and Ethics board for Freedom from Torture.  She is also a mentor with Mosaic which inspires young people from deprived communities to realise their talent and potential.


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