Erebus at the Scott Polar Research Institute and Museum

Activity: OtherPublic engagement, outreach and knowledge exchange - Public Lecture/debate/seminar

Jo Shapcott - Speaker

Thresholds poet Jo Shapcott and producer Tim Dee present Erebus at The Polar Museum.

A rare opportunity to hear ‘Erebus’, a poetic drama for radio by Jo Shapcott about Sir John Franklin’s search for the North-West Passage. The 1845 expedition led by Franklin was lost in the ice and never returned. The mysteries remain. In the intervening time rescue and subsequently, archaeological expeditions have gone in search of clues as to what went wrong. Fragments of evidence have been found in the ice and latterly frozen bodies too. Why did the mission fail, did the sailors resort to eating their colleagues, what did the Inuit make of them? The play, a Radio 4 ‘Pick of the Week”, was first broadcast in January 2012, produced by Tim Dee with an innovative soundscape by composer Jon Nicholls.

Co-organiser of event, writer of play performed at the event, speaker in q and a after the event.
28 Feb 2013


TitleErebus at the Scott Polar Museum
LocationScott Polar Museum
CountryUnited Kingdom
Degree of recognitionNational event

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