Un marco estratigráfico para los yacimientos de macrovertebrados del Proyecto Fonelas (Cuenca de Guadix, Cordillera Bética)

Translated title of the contribution: A stratigraphic frame for the macrovertebrate sites of the Fonelas Project (Guadix Basin, Betic Cordillera)

Sila Pla Pueyo

Research output: ThesisMaster's Thesis


Many aspects of the continental filling of the Guadix Basin (Granada, Spain) have been studied previously by other authors, so currently there exist a paleogeographical scheme and a stratigraphical architecture generally accepted by the scientific comunity (Viseras et al., 2004b). The original contribution of this work consists of a stratigraphical and sedimentological more detailed study, carried out in a determinate part of the continental filling of this basin. Most of the major large-mammal sites located in the occidental sector of the basin are concentrated in the delimited area. This research has focused in the elaboration of a scheme of the stratigraphical architecture of the area, in order to determinate the space-time position of the sites within the aforementioned scheme and to accurate the local paleogeography. For this reason, a set of stratigraphical profiles have been measured in the vertical section of the most important sites (FPB-4, FP-1, FSCC-1, FSCC-2, FSCC-3, FBP-SVY-1, M-2, M-3, M-4 and M-5) and, starting from them, a stratigraphic correlation scheme has been elaborated. The results obtained from the correlation show how the most of the considered sites, which are macrovertebrate sites (FPB-4, FP-1, FSCC-1, FSCC-2, FSCC-3, FBP-SVY-1, M-3, M-4 and M-5) are within the fluvial facies which conform the flood plain of a great meandering river. However, the only arqueological site considered as important in the Fonelas Project to date, the M-2 site, appears within distal facies of one of the alluvial fans that fed transversaly the main river supplying sediments from the reliefs situated in th External Zones of the Betic Cordillera (External Transverse System).
To obtain aditional information, a sedimentological study about the geometry and the lithofacies of the sedimentary bodies that outcrop in such profiles has been carried out. An scheme (Table 1) has been elaborated to show the 12 sedimentary bodies that have been distinguished within the studied area. Six of them correspond to the Axial System, two to the Intern Transversal System and four to the Extern Transversal System. In adition, a table (Table 2) has been elaborated to describe the 27 diferent kinds of lithofacies determinated when measuring the profiles. There are nine conglomeratic lithofacies, seven sandy lithofacies, six lutitic lithofacies and five carbonatic lithofacies.
Translated title of the contributionA stratigraphic frame for the macrovertebrate sites of the Fonelas Project (Guadix Basin, Betic Cordillera)
Original languageSpanish
Awarding Institution
  • IGME
  • Universidad de Granada
Publication statusUnpublished - 2006

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