Integrity-protecting block cipher modes - Untangling a tangled web

Research output: Working paperPreprint


This paper re-examines the security of three related block cipher modes of operation designed to
provide authenticated encryption. These modes, known as PES-PCBC, IOBC and EPBC, were all proposed in the mid-1990s. However, analyses of security of the latter two modes were published more recently. In each case one or more papers describing security issues with the schemes were eventually published, although a flaw in one of these analyses (of EPBC) was subsequently discovered - this means that until now EPBC had no known major issues. This paper establishes that, despite this, all three schemes possess defects which should prevent their use - especially as there are a number of efficient alternative schemes possessing proofs of security.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusUnpublished - 6 Mar 2024


  • authenticated encryption; cryptanalysis; mode of operation

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