Ecological Studies on two Carbonate Sediment-Producing Algae

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The bathymetIy and location of Mannin Bay are shown in Fig. 1. A submarine valley leads into the bay and up to a slope that levels off at about 8 m to form a platform with occasional rocky outcrops. The shore is mainly rocky (Dalradian metasediments) but some carbonate beaches and dunes are present. In sheltered lagoons a muddy shore is found. The sea water is normal marine with seasonal water temperature varying from 5 to 15° C. Salinity varies seasonally from 33.5 to 35%o (Lees et al., 1969). The normal marine environment is the result of mixing by tidal currents which, however, are not strong enough to transport the algal clasts (Buller, 1969). Study of the algal bed forms shows that the main hydraulic forces are the oscillatory currents produced by waves.
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