Consolidation Report: Insights from Towards a National Collection Foundation Projects

Research output: Other contribution


This report was commissioned by the Towards a National Collection Programme Directorate to consolidate the findings of the eight Foundation Projects funded through the programme. The main aims of the report are to digest the research done by each Foundation Project and to examine their scientific contributions to Towards a National Collection, the scholarly community, and the wider cultural heritage sector.

The research was undertaken by Dr Carlotta Paltrinieri between August and December 2022.

This consolidation report is primarily based on the elaboration and cross-analysis of the Foundation Projects’ final reports[1] combined with additional readings of relevant reports in the field [See: Resources]. The author has sought further insights from the Foundation Projects’ Principal Investigators via 45-minute one-to-one interviews on Microsoft Teams, held between October and December 2022.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 24 Feb 2023

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