Beyond The Nexus of Research-Led Teaching: Towards A Symbiotic, Grand-Challenges-Led, Transformative Pedagogy

Research output: Working paper


I synthesise insights from diverse perspectives and disconnected works of literature to develop a novel framework to approach the nexus. To do so, I adopt a practice theory perspective and build on Boyerisian ideas that incorporate diverse ways of learning that acknowledge plurality and introduce the concept of symbiotic research teaching practice (SRP). I argue there is value in taking a relational ontology of the ‘experiential field’ (the interrelation of research, teaching, learning, and knowledge). The generic model of ‘good’ pedagogy that has dominated higher education pedagogy risks homogenising teaching and learning, thus failing to value ontological/epistemological variation and complexity. Instead, I argue for a pedagogy of access by reconceptualising the status of teachers away from “experts” and towards “pedagogical novices”. That is, challenging the dominant assumption (and bringing about an ontoepistemological shift) from teaching-as-transmission to learning-as-construction. This has significant implications for education as we move away from displacement activity (retreating to the library to improve our subject expert knowledge, focusing on familiarity) to engagement activity (focusing on unfamiliarity to demonstrate a dislocation between institutional rhetoric and certain local, disciplinary discourses/practices. To explore the symbiotic research teaching practice fruitfully, the report synthesises the generic and subject-specific literature on the nexus of research/teaching to provide a conceptual shift in pedagogy that prepares students for life-long learning and diverse skills to approach the grand challenges and wicked problems our society faces in a post-pandemic world. Finally, I conclude with a critical reflection on the topic for my own symbiotic research-led teaching practice.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages18
Publication statusIn preparation - 4 Apr 2024


  • challenge-led teaching
  • Research-Led Pedagogy
  • grand challenges
  • symbiotic research-led teaching

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