Tuning In: Sustainable Solutions to the Wellbeing Crisis in UK Television Work

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My PhD project investigates the mental health and wellbeing crisis faced by workers in the UK television industry, the effects Covid has had, and solutions that create a positive work environment. This study is born out of my MBA dissertation on leading creative teams, using the UK television industry as a case study. What was most notable in that study was not just the positive effects of good leadership on creativity, profit and sustainability, but the devastating effects of poor leadership which has led to a mental health crisis that the industry is now beginning to take seriously.

Sexual harassment, bullying, systemic bias, long hours and low pay go reletively unmonitored, providing a working environment no other industry would tolerate. The Film and Television Charity released The Looking Glass Report in 2020 which found that 63% of both freelance and full-time workers have considered leaving the industry, and over half have contemplated suicide due to these problems. Covid has exacerbated these pre-existing issues, which has produced a major talent gap in the industry.

Whilst report after report surfaces outlining the problems, my project will be the first to present solutions for leaders through the use of interviews, surveys and case studies of production companies and networks. The aim is to provide industry leaders a model of wellbeing leadership that provides a nurturing work environment, resulting in happier crews, more creativity, better productivity and higher profits.
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