The Stronger Experiment

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In The Stronger Experiment I put together three teams of director-actress working together on developing a character for a short film adaptation of the A. Strindberg play The Stronger (1889).

I followed and filmed them over three rehearsals and the day of the shoot to see how the characters they created would be different depending on their creative process and to explore how those characters would or would not challenge patriarchal stereotypes. At the same time, I filmed them in three different ways to see if my presence affected the experiment and the results.

The outcomes are the three short films and a video essay reflecting on the experiment.

Key findings

Presented as a four channel video installation at the Film and Video Poetry Society Symposium-Los Angeles (Nov2020-Jan2021)
Effective start/end date22/03/1822/05/20


  • performance
  • actress
  • gender
  • video essay
  • video installation