Souvenir Geographies

  • Zang, Zhuyun (Amy) (CoI)

Project: Research

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It is a project using the approach of 'following the things' to find out how souvenirs make places, e.g. the selling site, their movement through space, and the place management at the souvenir buyers' home. This thesis is committed to empirical research, aiming to explore how the tourist souvenirs ‘make’ places in a double layer/level – tourist sites and the tourists’ houses (or triple? Maybe the airports, train stations, etc. to be treated as a layer/level?). The process of place making by tourist souvenir is revealed by following the tourist souvenirs.

Layman's description

Cultural Geography, Human Geography, Souvenir, Following the things, Place making, Home making
Effective start/end date23/09/1330/09/16


  • Souvenir Geographies
  • Cultural Geography
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