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Since Spring 2020, I have just scrapped in the top 1000 hackers on HTB. I have been trying to give back to the community by drafting writeup reports for the machine I've completed on Hack the Box, which is a website for practising ethical hacking.

The generosity of time and mentorship from the experienced members of the community is something I noticed when I first joined. I wanted to find a way to give back to beginners once I gained more experience.

I noticed in many of the writeups for machines, the author generally made assumptions about the readers' knowledge. Whilst no one wants to read a 'explain like I'm five' tutorial every writeup, I do think there is space for writeups to consider that a reader may not have knowledge about WHY that exploit works, or what particular services do on a machine.

With this in mind, my plan has been to go through my old notes and produce writeups for past machines. In these, I try to explain how and why an exploit works in detail, or I point to free online resources where a reader can understand more. I truly believe that before you can exploit something, you have to understand how it works. So I hope that my writeups have something to offer a beginner in understanding some of the mechanics behind exploiting vulnerabilities.
Short titleHack the Box Writeups
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