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Bibliometrics is the quantitative analysis of bodies of literature (such as articles, books and patents) and their references: citations, and co-citations.

Bibliometric analysis of literature allows the study of the foundations of a discipline and as a robust, quantitative approach augments the findings of more subjective literature reviews, In addition, when applied to patent data it also allows the investigation of firm and inventor networks by describing the linkages evident in citation to other individuals, firms and technologies.

Bibliometrics can also be extended to graphically illustrate the most influential citations, how they are related, how strong their relationships are, and how far removed from, or central to, other groupings they are—in other words, the relationships inherent in the intellectual structure of a field or patent space. And co-citation studies can show us what topics, themes, and research methods are central, or peripheral, to a field, and how they may have changed over time.
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