Personal profile

Personal profile

My main academic interests are based on urban policy and sustainability. I am the Deputy Director for the MSc in Sustainability and Management (a course jointly run with the School of Management) and I teach a third year undergraduate course on Regeneration and Urban Policy. I am also particularly interested in the roles that ‘citizens’ play in local policy making processes. My PhD looked at the ways in which local citizens were involved in local government policy processes in two London boroughs.

I am also the Departmental Educational Support Officer and am responsible for coordinating all welfare and specific learning disabilities issues in the Department.


As Deputy Director of the MSc Sustainability and Management I coordinate and teach on GG5300 Principles of Environmental Sustainability (

I teach a third year course on Regeneration and Urban Policy which explores key historical and contemporary issues in regenerationa and urban policy in the U.K.

I’m also part of the Spain field course team which involves a series of lectures on the social, cultural, political and  physical geographies of the Andalucia, a field course in Nerja, Spain and post-trip project write up and presentations;