Triplet Lifetime in Gaseous Argon. / Akashi-Ronquest, Michael; Bacon, Amanda; Benson, Christopher; Bhattacharya, Kolahal; Caldwell, Thomas; Formaggio, Joseph A.; Gastler, Dan; Grado-White, Brianna; Griego, Jeff; Gold, Michael; Hime, Andrew; Jackson, Christopher M.; Jaditz, Stephen; Kachulis, Chris; Kearns, Edward; Klein, Joshua R.; Ledesma, Antonio; Linden, Steve; Lopez, Frank; MacMullin, Sean; Mastbaum, Andrew; Monroe, Jocelyn; Nikkel, James; Oertel, John; Gann, Gabriel D. Orebi; Ortega, Gabriel S.; Palladino, Kimberley; Rielage, Keith; Seibert, Stanley R.; Wang, Jui-Jen.

In: Physical Review D, 15.03.2019.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

  • Michael Akashi-Ronquest
  • Amanda Bacon
  • Christopher Benson
  • Kolahal Bhattacharya
  • Thomas Caldwell
  • Joseph A. Formaggio
  • Dan Gastler
  • Brianna Grado-White
  • Jeff Griego
  • Michael Gold
  • Andrew Hime
  • Christopher M. Jackson
  • Stephen Jaditz
  • Chris Kachulis
  • Edward Kearns
  • Joshua R. Klein
  • Antonio Ledesma
  • Steve Linden
  • Frank Lopez
  • Sean MacMullin
  • Andrew Mastbaum
  • John Oertel
  • Gabriel D. Orebi Gann
  • Gabriel S. Ortega
  • Kimberley Palladino
  • Keith Rielage
  • Stanley R. Seibert
  • Jui-Jen Wang


MiniCLEAN is a single-phase liquid argon dark matter experiment. During the initial cooling phase, impurities within the cold gas (<140 K) were monitored by measuring the scintillation light triplet lifetime, and ultimately a triplet lifetime of 3.480 ± 0.001 (stat.) ± 0.064 (sys.) µs was obtained, indicating ultra-pure argon. This is the longest argon triplet time constant ever reported. The effect of quenching of separate components of the scintillation light is also investigated.
Original languageEnglish
JournalPhysical Review D
Publication statusSubmitted - 15 Mar 2019

ID: 34255358