The gift of the gag: Transnational satire’s negotiation of cultural boundaries. / Enahoro, Carole.


Research output: ThesisDoctoral Thesis

In preparation
  • Carole Enahoro


Typically, satire ridicules and mocks the actions, values, or beliefs of individuals and institutions and, despite its transgressive nature, its commentary is closely integrated to the society that it critiques (Griffin 1995; Critchley 2002; Morreall 2009)). Transnational satire, on the other hand, which is mobilised at the limits of multiple cultural values and credos, interrogates sensitive subjects of global connection and, in doing so, also embarks upon the challenging task of representing the “Other”. Through creative practice and critical research, I explore how the transnational satirist may negotiate such potentially divisive or, conversely, liberating frontiers. In doing so, I investigate the role of empathy, or “affective capital”, in joking relationships, and also examine the implications of satire’s emplacement in a network of bundled information. These in combination assist in determining how satiric limits operate. At the outer periphery of these limits, the shared understanding between even a limited readership and a culturally situated author can be compromised or even ruptured, devolving into “unlaughter”. The insight afforded by the research allows multi-site satire to more successfully forge a path to spaces of oppositional power, enquiry and subversion, while possibly unifying diverse constituencies.
Original languageEnglish
Awarding Institution
StateIn preparation - 2020

ID: 30143781