The coping strategies of service employees as they experience customer incivility in the context of full-service ethnic restaurants. / Haidar, Nolla.


Research output: ThesisDoctoral Thesis

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Many studies has played a pivotal role in introducing the growing literature on the extinguishing incivility phenomena entrenched in the core of the service industry. The sources of incivility could be supervisors, co-workers or customers, where the latter is considered the most endemic in various service sectors. Despite its growing importance, limited attention has been devoted to the study of restaurants in which customer sovereignty is a major focus of managers and yet, frontline service employees experience customer misbehaviours. The aim is to study the coping strategies of service employees when faced with uncivil customers, more specifically, the customers who tend to build personal relationships at the restaurant setting as opposed to common incivility via routine service encounters . I tend to argue that this specific ethnic restaurant has many frequent customers and thus, incivility takes a particular form in this context and is therefore, experienced in a certain way which could be potentially different from other restaurant settings. As such, I conducted a qualitative-ethnographic study where data is collected via participant-observations, informal conversations and semi-structured interviews. The main findings revealed that the source of incivility is mostly sourced from frequent customers at an ethnic restaurant. Consequently, employees engage in particular coping behaviours to deal with customer incivility in order to mitigate its negative impact on their performance and psychological well-being.

Original languageEnglish
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Award date1 Jan 2021
Publication statusIn preparation - 2020

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