Search for Dark Matter Produced in Association with a Dark Higgs Boson Decaying into W ± W ∓ or ZZ in Fully Hadronic Final States from √s = 13  TeV pp Collisions Recorded with the ATLAS Detector. / Aad, G; Abhayasinghe, Deshan; Berry, Tracey; Boisvert, Veronique; Booth, Callum; Bozson, Adam; Cowan, Glen; George, Simon; Gibson, Stephen; Lawlor, Sean; Lefebvre, Helena; Panduro Vazquez, J G; Pastore, Francesca; Shinner, James; Spano, Francesco; Teixeira-Dias, Pedro; Thomas, Dave; Verschuuren, Pim; Walker, Stuart; Wilkins, Lewis; ATLAS Collaboration.

In: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 126, No. 12, 121802, 26.03.2021.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review