Intuition and Process : A critical and reflective commentary on a portfolio of compositions. / Cryne, Michael.

2016. 87 p.

Research output: ThesisDoctoral Thesis




This thesis consists of a portfolio of nine compositions accompanied by a written commentary, plus audio recordings of most of the works. The compositions span a wide variety of instrumentations from a work for large orchestra to solo instrumental and chamber works, some including electronics.

In the accompanying commentary I examine the technical foundations of my compositional language, discussing my interest in counterpoint and my evolving approach to vertical harmony. I also discuss my use of melodic and rhythmic cells in helping me develop my material and to maintain a sense of aural coherence.

I investigate how I use extra-musical content to help me determine various elements of my music, from form and large-scale structure, through to broader aesthetic impulses. I discuss the importance of titles in my work, and how I view the relationship between music and the world. I explain how the views of composers Kaija Saariaho and Jonathan Harvey have helped shape my approach to extra-musical stimuli.

Finally, I discuss my own work in context, discussing the challenges of determining a personal style in the 21st century. I consider the tension between my intuitive method and my desire for a coherent musical experience from the listener’s point of view.
Original languageEnglish
Awarding Institution
Award date3 Oct 2016
Publication statusUnpublished - 3 Oct 2016
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